2 thoughts on “Take off #3

  1. WOW! I have some questions though. What do you use to create your art?? And how did you learn? How long did it take you to learn a this? Do you use a graphic tablet, mouse,etc? Why am i asking al these questions?: Because i am really interested in learning-Digital Art, Pixel Art, Animation Etc. Please reply! I hope you can help me!

    • Wow! That’s a lot of questions I counted 5 in all, but as I’m in a good mood at the moment, I’ll try to give you a few sensible answers. Although on the “words” page you will find a description of what this is all about.
      1. I use simple photo editing programs. It doesn’t actually matter which one because the tools I use can be found on even the simplest editor. The most useful feature of my current favourite is its ability to record a sequence of processes and replay them with a single mouse click (it saves a lot of wear on the finger).
      2. I have a bachelors degree in photographic arts that I read for back in the 70’s and have been involved professionally with photography of one sort or another ever since.
      3. See above answer. I should add that this particular project has been in development in digital form for almost 4 years. It started when I decided to revive some old darkroom experiments I did at college using a simple photo editing program.
      4. Yes. But almost exclusively a mouse. I have a cheap tablet, which is useful for processes that require a brush. However, with the exception of the chimera pictures, all the processes I use are global.
      5. You appear to have answered the question yourself but the next obvious question is why do you want to learn these things?
      Q. What do you want to achieve? One you know that then the materials and skills you need to do it will become obvious. Happy hunting.
      Hope this helps.

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