And now for something extremely similar

OK, so I bought a new camera, a really cheap one, so cheap in fact, that no self-respecting professional photographer would ever go near it, let alone use one. Of course that’s no problem for me because I lost all of my self-respect a long long time ago.
It’s definitely not a proper camera. It’s a type often called a “dash cam” and is meant to be stuck to the windscreen of your car to record video for insurance and/or legal purposes, or perhaps just to entertain the guests at your funeral.
One interesting thing about these machines is that they are responsible for some of the best footage we have of our extraterrestrial visitors. However, the thing I like best about them is the spectacularly poor quality of the video output, which is laughingly referred to as “full HD video”, you’ve got to love these advert writers.
Anyway, as my little scripts are designed to get the very worst out of any camera, they do very interesting things when presented with the output from this device (at least I think so anyway, you will have to judge for yourself).
For my first project I have decided to use the subject for which the camera was intended, i.e. road journeys. I’m thinking of putting together some kind of photo book, like the record of an imaginary journey. The working title for this project is “roadworks” and over the coming weeks, I will do my best to bore you to tears with this work. The phrase “are we there yet” has just popped into my head, that’s a worry.
Actually, there is a slightly interesting point about these cameras. I am so old that I can remember the “Kodak instamatic camera”. This let you take 24 still pictures, which you could view about a week after taking the last one. The dash cam I bought can record several hours of video and audio plus thousands of stills (day or night with its built-in infra-red lighting) and play them back instantly on its own screen. The pleasing aspect of this for me is that, taking inflation into account, the old instamatic probably cost more. I like that. More versatile creative tools available to ordinary human beings – the world is a better place, ever so slightly.

Yours truly


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