Snapshot #1

Great speech.


A change of key

We have an annual art trail in my local town and this year I had decided to exhibit work from the “Project 17” that has been posted here since the start of the year. However, when I started making the prints I felt they all looked too dark, especially as they were to be displayed in a modern church. So, I went back to the original captures and re-processed them as high key images.

I created 2 displays, one called “snapshots from the life and times of the tree family” and the other entitled “sports day”, all very obvious as you will soon see. I thought the results of this sub-project were interesting enough to post here, so I shall. I will schedule all the pictures every 2nd day over the coming weeks whilst take a break from the project and perhaps try to return to the real world, if such a thing is possible or even desirable.

FYI “Project 17” was, in part, a response to last year’s american election. My work basically explores the question; when is a photograph not a photograph? I was wondering just how little reality was required to create something that could be interpreted as a “photograph”. Then November 9th came along and I realised, if that’s a president then these are photographs, great photographs, probably the best photographs ever made in the history of the universe, or maybe not.

Anyway, today’s picture is the one that started the ball rolling and now the whole world has to deal with a gigantic rolling ball, which if you’re not careful, might just run over your toes.




These are fake photographs. They were manipulated before the camera shutter had even been opened. They were then processed into their current form using a combination of artificial intelligence and natural stupidity. Any resemblance to the real world doesn’t bear thinking about. Please view responsibly.

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