Colour chart (dreaming)



One or two of the bloggers here have mentioned a web-based program called “Deep Dreaming”. This is an image modification app and is very simple to use, upload an image, then optionally another one to control the modification and Bob’s your mother’s brother. Exactly what it is doing, I have no idea, there is very little info on the site.I had thought of asking the creators but, given what little information I could find refers to “artificial intelligence” and “neural nets”, I figured that no amount of explanation would make me any the wiser. Also, I’m quite used to working away without having the faintest idea of what I’m actually doing.

Visually, the effect is to alter the texture, colour and sometimes, form and detail of the original image using elements from within the secondary picture. The program offers many different ways to do this but, so far, I have only used one. I think the app tries to identify objects in the image and texturise them, rather than just laying on the texture evenly. This makes it similar to my processing in the fact that the image itself controls the effect, thus, the results are both unpredictable and reproducible, so it fits in well with the work I have been doing.

The above image originally was a colour calibration chart with flat patches of colour, the image used to modify it was another colour chart, just to see what would happen. I’m not sure what this tells us but I have been exploring this program for the last few weeks and, over the next few weeks, I shall be displaying the results of my endeavours on this blog.I began by using my own highly processed images, but more recently, have been exploring the interaction between two “straight” photographs.

If you find any of this even mildly interesting then I highly recommend you try out “deep dreaming” for yourself. Especially if, like me, you are the kind of sad fool who gets excited just making pictures.


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