4 thoughts on “Old Door

    • Thank you very much Gilles. For some reason this time I had to rescue your words from the spam folder, which is bad, because your comments are always welcome.

      • No problems, Colin ! At present, my Akismet filter is on “strict” to avoid to have to sort out hundreds of spams. I believe there are also honest comments going straight to the trash. I’ll be back with a “secure” filter in a month to see if it gets easier.
        Have a great day.

      • Hello Gilles. I hope you manage to resolve the issue. I have a similar but much smaller problem in that a Spanish machine keeps asking how to log on several times a day, as if a pandemic wasn’t annoying enough. Some people may have too much time on their hands at the moment. Anyway, I hope the weather is as good where you are as it is here, it helps put these things into a better perspective. Have a fine day and good luck.

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