6 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. Dear Akiko, I am sorry for your loss. If it is possible, could you let me know if your partner was from Glasgow & previously worked for the BBC? It’s just I used to know someone of that name and wondered if it was the same person. Kind regards Mary Saint

    • Dear Mary, thank you very much for your message. Yes, colin was a Bbc cameraman and from glasgow. If you knew him please let me know anything about him. Thank you again. Akiko wickham.

  2. So sad to hear about Colin. I first got a post from Colin when I sent out my first blog post on Word press about a year ago. I got an email stating Nobody liked my post. I read it literally thinking the post had bombed but then saw the image. Since then I got regular images from Colin under his nom de plume Nobody. He wrote to us all to say he was ill and would not be able to post much longer. My deepest sympathy for your loss and I will miss Nobody’s art work. Is there going to be a virtual exhibition in commemoration. I don’t know how to construct virtual art galleries but people do so in programmes like Wix and there may be some recipients who know how to do so. Alternatively a blog on WordPress on Colin and his work Just a thought!
    Sue Nicholas

    • Dear Sue, it is already 3rd July
      I am Colin’s partner aki. Thank you very much for your message. I have just found you in his mobile telephone. Since he died suddenlyon 30 november last year my son and I have been sorting things out day and night but still lots to do. I never noticed till now there were some people sent me codolence to me to his wordpress site. Anyway thank you for supporting colin through wordpress. I am also an artist and I can not bear to think it is much too young to die at age of 66 as nowadays people live 90 easily with good health and healthy brain. Colin was a ,BBC cameran for 23 years. I do not know anything about virtual exhibition but I am trying to organise three man show of my late husband’s , colin’s and mine in uk in future.so at the same time , I will try to do what you have suggested. I am trying to keep colin’s wordpress as long as possible but in case anything wrong happenes with his wordpress and this mobile phone, which is of course colin’s, please note my email address. akikohanga@gmail.com my name is Akiko Wickham I use my maiden name as my artist name which is Akiko Fujikawa. So if you give me your email address I will send you any information of our show but as you may know that to have an exhibition it normaly takes 2-3 years before it accutually happens. However I am going to publish colin’s book that he produced. I am working on it. So when it is published I will let you know.
      Thank you again and take care.

    • Dear tiffany, thank you for the message in dec last year. I am Colin’s partner akiko. Thank you being his hollower for long time.
      I will let you know when his small book is published. It has many his works in with full of wit and humour.
      Thanks again and take care.

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