Some visual artists can lucidly articulate the true meaning of their work without sounding even the slightest bit pretentious, but I’m not one of them. So here are as few words as possible.

Always remember, no matter which way you look, surrealism lies just beneath the surface.

Reality is just the delusion that we are most comfortable with.

Art is the difference between the whole thing and the sum of its parts.

Nothing is ever what it appears to be.

Words are just worms spelt badly.


Q. How do you create these images?
A. These are photographs, made without the limitation of having to look like photographs. Hence the subtitle, photography without limits.

Q. Is this just messing about with pictures in a computer?
A. Technically yes, but I started this project long before digital cameras or photo-editing were ever heard of (except perhaps, inside NASA). I could only use chemicals and it took ages to make a single print. It was even the subject of my final degree paper – at the time called “derived” images. This is not new, several artists in the past (notably Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy) have used the photographic process to create images that eschewed any form of realism, this is just my own version of that.
A couple of years ago, I resurrected this idea but this time using a computer. This meant that I could achieve in a few minutes what it used to take several days to accomplish. I started by recreating the very first experiment I had done all those years ago and the result was identical in every way except for the time taken (and the mess). The computer’s speed has allowed me to try thousands of different combinations of “processes” on top of one another. Each picture represents a journey through the many ways there are to process a photograph.
In theory, these images could be created without a computer, but as some have well over 100 stages of processing applied, I dread to think how long it might take. I am probably far too old to survive the attempt. Thank god for computers!

For the moment I am learning how to use this blog and I have reserved this page for words that might go some way to explaining what my art is about. In the meantime, you can ask questions if you want. (so far, nobody has, I appreciate your candour).

6 thoughts on “Words

  1. Wow! You have Fantastic Art and a lot of it! Means you have been doing it a long time and boy it sure does show! Mesmerizing and super unique edge. I’m sure and hope you know the top artists in the USA are on Behance.com because that is where all the top companies go to hire artists….just in case you didn’t know! You certainly need to be there if not because you are needed…..Thanks for the show……claudy

    • Thank you, I’m very pleased that you are enjoying the show, that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks also for the info on behance, I’m not based in the US but I will take a look.

      • Great! Know that Behance.com is frequented by the Hollywood Movie Industry to New York Ad Agencies to Disney just name any top US company and they find artists on that website. I have a hunch it will be of great benefit to you. Especially at your level of expertise! I am so happy for you to find another avenue for publicity. That’s Great! Yeah! Good Luck To You…..

      • Thank you again Claudy, I have looked at behance and it seems full of commercial artists desperate for exploitation. My quest is not for publicity but for a greater understanding of the photographic process and the blog allows me to share the results of my artistic experiments with the rest of the world (or at least one tiny part of it). I’m not sure I’d like to be “found” by Disney.

      • Disney was just an example not necessarily even on their list. However I did see 9 pages for requests for all types of artists from all over the world! Obviously you know what you are doing and in control of your destination. It was only a suggestion. I have nothing but respect and am in awe of your work. So you can just count me a just another Fan and in your vast audience of well wishers. Respectfully, claudy

      • Thank you again and I’m sorry if I sounded like I was putting your suggestion down. I should do more marketing of my pictures, my partner is always telling me this. The truth is that I’m probably having far too much fun creating the work at the moment to want to stop and do something sensible.

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